The Tbilisi Sea

Escape from the city noise

The Tbilisi Sea (Tbilisi Reservoir) was created artificially in 1951 during the Soviet Union times, the main purpose of which was to serve the irrigation system, however, over time, it is actively used for water supply, boat trip, water sports and swimming. It is located in the northeast of Tbilisi, its length is 8.75 km, and width is 1.85 km. 630-650m above sea level. The area around Tbilisi Sea has beautiful nature, soon you’ll be able to visit new Zoo which is now in a process of restoration.

You can easily get to the Tbilisi Sea by taxi from city center with a taxi app in 20-25 minutes which is cheaper way than to catch it. Or from Sarajishvili Metro station if you use mini-bus (Marshutka) #432, it has about 7 stops and is a total of 25 minutes, then you will walk along the footpath in 20 minutes (1.7 km).

On a height at the far end of the Tbilisi Sea you will find “The Chronicles of Georgia” which is one of the must see place in the whole city. The monument was created in 1980 by the sculptor Zurab Tsereteli. The scenes, sculpted from stone and bronze depicts historical and religious events from Georgian history and literary works. Some of the events depicted are the Last Supper, Palm Sunday and Pentecost. You will also see scenes from famous poems, kings and saint`s lives.

There is also a church named The Holy Mother of God, it sits behind the monuments with a breathtaking view of the Tbilisi Sea. Tourists can also see almost every district of Tbilisi from the same heights the monument and church is located on. A truly unique place for photo shoots.

On the shores of The Tbilisi Sea you find “Gino Paradise”, the perfect escape from the city noise and heat. It is a first grade water park in Eastern Europe and includes 9 pools, multiple slides and a wellness center among other things. Gino Paradise has a relaxing wellness and sauna-spa center. A sports-rehabilitation, entertainment and recreation complex for adults and children at all sunny times of the year. They also offer a top-quality fitness center, sports activities and dining facilities.


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What are you interested in? Discover something nice