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Online Taxi Apps in Georgia – Fortunately, using Tbilisi taxis has gotten easier with apps. While many apps have popped up over the years. The Georgia taxi apps being used currently are:

In order to use these taxi applications in Georgia, you will need a Georgian SIM card. You can pick up one at the airport or in the city after you arrive. One great thing about taxi apps is that they takes Apple Pay in addition to cash and credit card.

In conclusion we want highly recommend to use online taxi apps in Georgia, because it is cheaper, faster and safer!

As well to be noted:

New rules will come into effect for taxis today, differing per category A and category B license holders.

Holders of category A licenses have the right to pick up passengers on the street – they must have four doors and a trunk, be left-hand drive vehicles and also must have already passed mandatory technical inspections.

In addition, category A taxis should have a sign with the inscription ‘TAXI Tbilisi’ visible on their vehicle.

Category A taxis will enjoy free parking in special areas designated for taxis. Category A taxis are also required to be the color white.


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What are you interested in? Discover something nice