Georgian SIM and eSIM Cards

Buying a Georgian sim card in Tbilisi

Georgian SIM and eSIM Cards
Visiting a foreign country can be connected with difficulties, but choosing a right phone plan may become a solution. In the Tbilisi you may have quick access to free Wi-Fi named “Tbilisi loves you”, however, in order to have a good connection with the internet you need to purchase the packages offered by local cellular companies. We recommend some:


One of the first GSM operators in Georgia, where you are able to buy a SIM card for the internet and calls. The nearest shop to the old town located on the Rustaveli avenue 22. The working hours are 09:00 – 21:00 on Monday through Friday, and on weekend it is open 09:00 – 18:00. You may get to the place easily by bus or taxi, or even on foot. It may take just some minutes from the Metro Rustaveli or Liberty. The Magti also have a desk at the Tbilisi international airport and Kutaisi international airport. With Magti Sim card you can use of 2G/3G/4G/4.5G network everywhere while traveling in Georgia. Nowadays Magti also supporting eSIM
The sim card costs – 10 Gel.

Magti offers some standard tariffs:

  • 1GB Data for 30 Days – 5 GEL
  • ထ Data for 1 Day – 2 GEL
  • ထ Data for Week – 9 GEL
  • ထ Data for Month  – 32 GEL

The company also offers some standard cocktails for 30 days. It includes calls and Internet. You may register on MyMagti and create the convenient cocktail on your own. For other details you can get help at the office or find information on the website:


As you may find information, Geocell is now a part of Silknet. The official office is located on the Rustaveli Avenue 37. It is close to Metro station Rustaveli, so you may take just 10 minutes walk or get to it by bus or taxi. The shop is open from 10 a.m. till 18:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. What about the weekend, the working hours are 10:00 – 16:00. Also, they have the desk at the Tbilisi international airport and Kutaisi international airport. The price of the card starts from 3 Gel and after buying it 1 Gel will be returned to your number. Recently Silknet also start supporting eSIM

Silknet offers some standard packages:

  • 15 days – 4 GB / ထ SMS / 30 min. Local calls – 15 GEL
  • 7 days  – ထ Data / ထ SMS / 30 Min. Local calls – 15 GEL
  • 15 days  – ထ Data / ထ SMS / ထ Local calls / 30 Min. International directions – 30 GEL
  • Tourist 3 days – ထ Data / ထ SMS / 30 min. Local call – 10 GEL
  • Tourist 30 days – ထ Data / ထ SMS / 500 min. Local call – 50 GEL

The company have special packages for tourists. You may find details here:


On the Rustaveli Avenue 14, near the parliament of Georgia, you may encounter the shop with colorful logo. It is previously known as Beeline, now Cellfie one of the GSM operator in Georgia. The shop work from 10 a.m. to 19:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and on weekend the working hours are 10:00 – 17:00. You may purchase the standard Cellfie sim card for 1 Gel. operator also supporting eSIM, For packages, the company has some offers for 30 days:

  • Start – 500 MB / ထ Min. within network / 50 with other networks – 3 GEL
  • Optimum – 3GB / ထ Min. within network / 300 Min. with other networks / ထ SMS – 8 GEL
  • Optimum+  – 10 GB / ထ Min. with all networks / ထ SMS – 12 GEL
  • Platinum – 20 GB / ထ Min. with all networks / ထ SMS – 25 GEL

For more details you may check:

No one likes wasting their precious time whilst having a tour in a foreign country. However, buying a SIM card in Georgia may take just 5 minutes, all you need is your passport. What about the question if the EU cards are available in Georgia, the answer is – Yes, but you may face high charges. Therefore, local operators are highly recommended. You may check the offers constantly, as many weekly or monthly packages are presented above (You may check the links)

Some GSM operators does not work properly underground. In Tbilisi city area they work well, but you may lose the connection whilst leaving the Capital. Also, need to be mentioned that you may not catch connection in the metro train itself, but underground (in some cellar restaurants) you may use the phone without any problem. In that case, MagtiCom is the most convenient GSM operator as it has the best network coverage in Georgia, including in rural areas.

For transferring the money to your mobile cards you may use PayBox machines. It has language translator, so no difficulties can be emerged. Also, the GSM operators have their own application from which you may transfer the money to your cards without leaving the home.

Georgian SIM and eSIM Cards

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