Tbilisi Central Railway Station

Georgia Railway

Tbilisi Central Railway Station

Georgian Railway provides passengers with internet booking service to travel in a certain direction and route.

  • E-Tickets can be purchased 40 days prior to date of train departure.
  • Passengers with expired ID card are not allowed to board the train.
  • A maximum of eight (8) E-Tickets can be purchased by one ID card to one direction.
  • The reduced tariff for persons with disability is not available when purchasing ticket through the on-line mode.
  • The procedure of purchasing student ticket is simplified. The inscription “student” on ID card is not necessary.
  • Student ticket (50% discount) can be purchased on the second-class of main-line electric trains and compartment coaches of passenger trains.
  • Student discounts are available only for persons, who are registered into the “Public Service Development Agency” base.

While purchasing child e-ticket:

  • Children under the age of five not occupying a seat can travel for free with one fare-paying passenger.
  • Child E-Ticket should be purchased for children under five if he/she occupies a separate seat.
  • Passenger should purchase child E-Ticket for each seat when accompanies a child aged five to ten or more than one child under five.
  • Children aged ten and over the age of ten must have full-price tickets. Children under 16 can be allowed to board the train if they are accompanied by adults.
  • When travelling children under ten, the birth certificate should be presented to a conductor.

Tbilisi Central Railway Station Timetable

The timetable below provides a full schedule of Georgia trains in all directions. Use Georgia train timetable below to start planning your rail trip.
Because of Covid-19 train are stopped working. Please Visit official website for updated information
Please arrive 15 min before departure to allow sufficient time for boarding.

Stadler Train
Tbilisi – Batumi 08:00  13:00 Daily
Tbilisi – Batumi 17:35  22:35 Daily
Batumi – Tbilisi 07:55  12:50 Daily
Batumi – Tbilisi 18:00  23:00 Daily
Tbilisi – Kobuleti 08:00  12:35 Daily
Tbilisi – Kobuleti 17:35  22:10 Daily
Kobuleti – Tbilisi 08:21  12:50 Daily
Kobuleti – Tbilisi 18:26  23:00 Daily
Tbilisi – Ureki 08:00  12:08 Daily
Tbilisi – Ureki 17:35  21:45 Daily
Ureki – Tbilisi 08:48  12:50 Daily
Ureki – Tbilisi 18:53  23:00 Daily
Tbilisi-Zugdidi Fast Train
Tbilisi – Zugdidi 08:10  13:45 Daily
Zugdidi – Tbilisi 18:15  23:52 Daily
Tbilisi – Gori 08:10  09:06 Daily
Tbilisi – Khashuri 08:10  09:35 Daily
Tbilisi – Zestaponi 08:10  11:07 Daily
Zugdidi – Zestaponi 18:15  20:50 Daily
Zugdidi – Khashuri 18:15  22:10 Daily
Zugdidi – Gori 18:15  22:38 Daily
Tbilisi-Zugdidi Night Train
Tbilisi – Zugdidi 21:45  06:05+1 Daily
Zugdidi – Tbilisi 22:15  06:35+1 Daily
Tbilisi – Mtskheta 21:45  22:10 Daily
Tbilisi – Gori 21:45  22:58 Daily
Tbilisi – Khashuri 21:45  23:30 Daily
Tbilisi – Zestaponi 21:45  01:36+1 Daily
Zugdidi – Zestaponi 22:15  02:10+1 Daily
Zugdidi – Khashuri 22:15  04:11+1 Daily
Zugdidi – Gori 22:15  05:09+1 Daily
Zugdidi – Mtskheta 22:15  05:58+1 Daily
Tbilisi-Kutaisi Train
Tbilisi – Kutaisi 09:00  14:30 Daily
Kutaisi – Tbilisi 12:15  17:15 Daily
International Tbilisi-Baku Train
Tbilisi – Baku 20:35  08:50+1 Daily
Baku – Tbilisi 23:15  10:35+1 Daily
Tbilisi – Gandja 20:35  02:50+1 Daily
Gandja – Tbilisi 04:30  10:35 Daily
International Tbilisi-Yerevan Train
Tbilisi – Yerevan 20:20  06:55+1 Odd days
Yerevan – Tbilisi 21:30  07:50+1 Even days


3 reviews

  1. Wish the train attendant was nicer

    I very much love the trains, and Love Georgia! However as much as i like and enjoy riding myself and my m8’s seem to always get more attention then we feel is merited – Example- As I got on the train, I was the ONLY person that was stared at and asked to see my passport- Then I was in the wrong sear by mistake- and the Train attendant was just rude- STILL staring at me, then as I returned back from the Vending machine I noted he was watching me at the machine- It was just an odd experience-I have had an overall excellent experience and will simply upgrade my class next time- However ALL classes on the train are fine- and I should not have to to feel comfortable-
    Love Georgia!

  2. This is a tip for the previous poster “Love Georgia”: When people stare at you, and/or are really rude to you, they are usually receiving some kind of negative “vibe” from you. This is either there naturally, or someone has actively put it onto you via the internet. Unfortunately, if it’s the internet, whoever put it there is unlikely to remove it, it will be there for the rest of your (shortened) lifespan.

  3. Il est impossible de connaître les horaires et de faire une réservation dans une autre langue que le géorgien

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