The Great Synagogue

Unveiling the Grandeur of Tbilisi's Great Synagogue

The Great Synagogue nestled amidst the vibrant street of Kote Apkhazi in Old Tbilisi, the Synagogue stands as a majestic testament to Georgia’s rich tapestry of cultures and religions. Built between 1895 and 1904, this impressive brick structure embodies a unique blend of architectural styles, echoing the city’s historical crossroads. More than just a place of worship, the Great Synagogue serves as a vibrant community center, offering visitors a glimpse into the fascinating history and traditions of Georgian Jewry.

A Beacon of Eclectic Architecture:

As you approach the synagogue, its imposing red brick facade adorned with intricate Moorish-inspired arches immediately captivate your attention. Step inside, and be transported to a world of breathtaking beauty. The soaring central hall, illuminated by natural light filtering through stained-glass windows, creates a sense of awe and serenity. Look upwards to admire the meticulously restored frescoes, their vibrant hues and intricate patterns adding a touch of grandeur to the space. The harmonious blend of architectural influences, from Moorish arches to Neoclassical elements, reflects the diverse cultural currents that have shaped Tbilisi’s identity.

More Than Bricks and Mortar:

Beyond its architectural splendor, the Great Synagogue pulsates with the life of a vibrant community. As an active place of worship for the Ashkenazi Jewish community, its halls resound with the melodies of Shabbat prayers and festive celebrations. Visitors are welcome to observe services from a designated area, gaining a deeper understanding of Jewish customs and traditions. The synagogue also houses a museum showcasing artifacts and exhibits that chronicling the long and intertwined history of Jews in Georgia, dating back centuries.

A Window into Jewish Heritage:

Georgia boasts a unique relationship with its Jewish community, with a history of tolerance and acceptance dating back millennia. The Great Synagogue stands as a living testament to this enduring bond. Throughout the year, the synagogue hosts cultural events, lectures, and educational programs, offering visitors a chance to delve deeper into Georgian Jewish heritage and traditions. Whether you’re interested in exploring the intricacies of religious practice or simply seeking to understand the tapestry of cultures that make Tbilisi so special, the Great Synagogue offers a unique and enriching experience.

Planning Your Visit:

The Great Synagogue is conveniently located in the heart of Tbilisi’s Old Town, within walking distance of many other historical landmarks. Remember to dress modestly when visiting, respecting the sanctity of the religious space.


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