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First Free Walking tour in Tbilisi. Our mission is to offer every visitor the opportunity to experience Tbilisi in a different way, no matter the budget. Our motivation is our city! We want to show travelers our charming city in details and from different point of view. Also tell them the highlights from our history and give important information about our culture, food, wine and more.

We choose to make not standard tours, concentrate more on unique details, which are usually hidden from the eyes of visitors. Team, consisting of local experts and Tbilisi-lovers, are passionate about their city and its history and love sharing their favorite spots in Tbilisi. This is why we offer free tours based just on tips, which helps us to keep, explore and develop other routes. Right now we have 3 different free tours: Main tour in old Tbilisi, Backstreets of Tbilisi, Hidden Tbilisi tour. Also we offer paid tours. For more information please visit our website: WWW.TBILISIFREEWALKINGTOURS.COM

4 reviews

  1. Must-do waliking tour


    We learned a lot about the history and visited beautiful places with the guide which otherwise we wouldn’t have met.

    Highly recomended.

  2. Great way to start

    Nice humoristic and informative way to start you exploration of beautiful Tbilisi 🙂 highly recommended 🙂
    Thanks mr Levani
    Douglas (Sweden)

  3. Great tour!

    Excellent walking tour where you can learn a lot about Tbilisi and Georgia from very friendly guides full of knowledge!

  4. Insightful tour of the old city

    Fascinating insights explaining the current state of housing in the old city. Most buildings look in a terrible condition. Our guide explained how the Bolsheviks expropriated large family houses and moved multiple families in, occupying one or two rooms each, accessed from the balconies. The mass of regulation for anyone wanting to renovate them means very little has been done, except by the government.

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What are you interested in? Discover something nice

What are you interested in? Discover something nice