Tbilisi Funicular Railway

Tbilisi Funicular Railway – The ride up Mtatsminda on the recently reconstructed Funicular is spectacular, as are the views from the top – and the Funicular Complex restaurant building has a couple of great places to eat or drink. There is a big amusement park for kids and adults. Also in the park you will find  bars, cafes, night club, TV tower and spectacular views over the Tbilisi from 710 meter high mountain.
To ride the Tbilisi Funicular Railway, you need a 2 GEL plastic card (sold at the ticket office) on which you then add credit for your rides (and any rides in the Mtatsminda amusement park). The funicular cliff train price is 8 GEL from 09:00 till midnight.

Park Card

  • Multi use
  • With non-refundable bonuses
  • Card Can be used at rides and funicular
  • Can be restored if damaged at the information center or cash desk

The length of the cable car is 501 meters. The height of the upper station of the funicular is 727 m above sea level, 460 m below the lower station, the level difference between the stations is 267 m. The funicular works on a daily basis for all seasons of the year.

Funicular tram carriages run from the upper and lower stations every 10 minutes. It only takes 3 minutes to cover the entire distance.

13 reviews

  1. Overcharged

    We were charged 14 lari for my wife and myself to go to the top as a return journey excluding anything else. We simply went to the top to see the view.
    It was lovely there but why were we charged 14 lari/gel?

  2. Awesome trip (excluding service at the cashier)

    The trip itself is amazing with awesome views etc but prior this trip the cashier who has zero intelligence and knowledge of how to do her job politely,becomes insecure as soon as you ask questions regarding prices etc.
    They must be given training how to serve people properly.

    We’ve been served by cashier 20,department 01 on 10.07.2019 at 18:35.Hopefully she gets this message and do her job better in the future.

  3. Rude

    The locals in Tbilisi are rude and have zero tolerance towards tourists. They always try to take advantages on tourists. Charging more than usual prices. What a shame on this beautiful country

  4. We had a similar experience in September 2019. They need to rethink their pricing strategy for people who simply want to see the view. I think we must have been sered by the same cashier as Natalia – she couldn’t cope when we asked her why we had to buy a card…

  5. Extremely rude

    I totally agree, extremely rude both women at the ticket office. People in Georgia are generally so nice so I guess they have to be on a look out for such nasty people. Very negative impact on the experience. Plus it’s now 14lari for return.

  6. Scammer everyware!

    Charging more than usual prices. sh**

  7. Pleasant trip but tell people the price.

    All the guides state a 2 Lari price (plus 2 Lari for the card) but the price has been 7 Lari each way for some years. You cannot find that information anywhere. You can take a bus for 50 Tetri with a Metro Card but you’ll have to walk a few minutes through the amusement park to the view areas. #90 or #124.

  8. Being Russian/Canadian

    Before u go to any previous Russian countries , it’s good to know Russian otherwise u get charged for being a tourist 😁 I tried being a real Canadien ther and was watched from all sides

  9. Rude stuff and overpriced ride

    Very rude cashier. Made me stand there and wait while she was talking on the phone.
    I think the funicular is extremely overpriced. We paid 11 gel to go up buy taxi from opera house and 32 gel just to come down.

  10. Different price for foreigners?!?

    They charge triple the price if you are a foreigner. Discrimination. Get a taxi instead.

  11. Good trip

    Only 32 gel for two people up and down.
    Fantastic views on upper level can see all
    of Tblisi.Smoth carriages easy access in and out.Good restaurant also with good views.
    Well worth a visit

  12. It’s not unusual that tourists end paying a little more than locals. And yes Georgians don’t smile on every word, part of the culture. Let it go and enjoy the view guys. You have it better than Georgians financially, stop sweating the small things. You don’t find hospitality like this in many places!

  13. გამარჯობა მაინტერესებს მატარებლის ასვლა და ჩამოსვლის ფასი 🙏❤️

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