Tbilisi Cable Car

Ropeway of Rike-Narikala

Tbilisi Cable Car is connecting Rike Park (or more precisely Europe Square) to the fortress of Narikala. Tariff for travelling by ropeway of Rike-Narikala in one direction is 2.5 Lari. Travelling by ropeway is possible only under usage of “Metromoney” card. In case of not having a card you are able to purchase it in payment offices of wire rope. Cost of card is 2 Lari. Discount system does not apply to travelling by ropeway, however, all those categories having preferential tariffs in municipal transport, are benefited automatically with special preferences in this transport. You can get a nice and lovely access for views, taking aerial tram up to the Narikala Fortress.

Tbilisi Cable Car is a nice alternative for tired ones how cheap and effectively get up to the Narikala fortress and start your exploration of Tbilisi city from up there. You can go around mountainous hikes as far as you wish. We recommend to use hikes to climb down from the Narikala instead of using Cable Car.

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  1. Nice view

    Google maps has a number of names for it. After researching and talking to staff and internet found where the name was changed to Rike-Narikala Ropeway. You will need a “Metromoney” card, cost 2.00 lari. Single trip 2.50 lari, round trip 5.00 lari.
    It’s a pleasant little ride and very inexpensive.

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What are you interested in? Discover something nice