A quick guide to Tbilisi

When you will arrive in Tbilisi you should to know few things before you will start your trip around city. Here is 10 of them and we hope that will be very useful for you. Welcome to Tbilisi the city that loves you!

Exchange Money

In the Tbilisi international airport you can exchange money to Georgian currency LARI (GEL), there are offices of Bank of Georgia, TBC Bank, Bank Republic and others. For taxi, or airport bus you should pay with local money.

Taxi From Airport

The taxi transfer from Tbilisi international airport could cost about 25-30 LARI to the center of the capital, it may cost little more for the suburbs.

Tourist Information Center

There are two tourism information centers in Tbilisi, one is at the tbilisi international airport (Working 24/7) tel: (+995 32) 2 31 00 07 Email: ticairport@gmail.com and second

TIC is located near Freedom square. at Pushkin park, (Working hours 09:00-21:00, everyday.) tel: (+995 32) 215 86 97 Email: tictbilisi@gmail.com Here you can get free maps and brochures, professional advice regarding traveling in Georgia.

Public Transport Card

“Metromoney” card is an universal mean for payment in municipal transport (metro, bus, mini bus) and while traveling by Rike-Narikala ropeway. Owners of “Metromoney” cards are benefited automatically with discount system in municipal transport (metro, bus); they are also offered to pay fare in microbuses of Tbilisi via these cards.

Transportation costs :

  • Metro / single trip O.50 Tetri
  • Bus / Single trip O.50 Tetri   (www.ttc.com.ge)
  • Mini bus (Marshroutka) / single trip O.80 Tetri  (www.tm.ge)


Sim card

While arriving to Georgia you can purchase a local sim card for minimum price, sometimes even for free. The local number will be useful for communication in the Georgia and aboard. Sim cards you can easily get in the Tbilisi international airport as well as in the city center, there are three mobile operators in Georgia: Geocell, Magti.com and Beeline. These companies have offices in the very center of capital on Rustaveli avenue:  # 14 (Beeline) #22 (Magti) and #40 (Geocell).


The nearest supermarkets in the center of Tbilisi are “Smart supermarket” at Rustaveli ave. (near Radisson Hotel) and “Carrefour supermarket” close to Freedom sq. at Vekua str #3. there are many small markets in the old town area.

Tbilisi is safe?

The capital of Georgia Tbilisi is safe city. It is safe to walk in historical area in the late hours, where you can often admit the police cars. Just in any case of danger it will be easy to call emergency number 112 for any type of help regarding police, medical assistance, fire brigade and so on.

Tbilisi Free Walking Tour

Tbilisi Free walking tour is the most comfortable way to explore tbilisi historical area in a short time (2-3 hours), with lots of interesting facts, natural and historical monuments, wine/chacha tasting, friendly guides and for free. Our Walking Tour are based on your satisfaction. At the end of the tour you will have the opportunity to determine your contribution to the guides. Don’t be shy, tips are more than appreciated. You can join the group at Pushkin Park, near to tourist information center at 12:00 and 18:00. Tell: (+995) 558 13 14 15.

Flea Market and Souvenirs 

Just in 15 minutes of walking from Freedom sq. you can visit the flea market, the specific market for authentic souvenirs, Antiquities, handcrafts, which is a normally cheaper than you can find in other places

Restaurants with national dance and music

If you like to feel Georgia you can visit concerts of traditional folk dance and singing concerts, but if you will combine it with traditional feast and Georgian food you will enjoy fully! For this we can recommend: restaurants “In the shadow of Metechi” “Tabla” “Tavaduri” “Kartuli sakhli” “Tsiskvili” “Paetoni”.

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