Tbilisi Public Service Hall

The Ministry of Justice

Tbilisi Public Service Hall is a legal entity of public law, operating under the management of Ministry of Justice. The majority of state services are presented here. Public Service Hall provides Services of LEPLs operating under the Ministry of Justice, as well as services of different public agencies and private Sector.

The Goals of Public Service Hall are:

  • Provide customers with high quality services of state and private institutions through “one-stop-shop” principle
  • To promote public services development
  • To offer various and innovative services to customers

Tbilisi Public Service Hall branches have customer-oriented and comfortable working atmosphere. In order to minimize waiting time and simplify the flow of citizens, Public Service Hall is divided into three spaces. There are Self-service area; Quick service area and Long service area.

Public Service Hall is the only service provider in Georgia, where the standard of services for persons with disabilities has been introduced.

The service hall is divided into three main blocks:

  • Self-Service Area
  • Prompt Service Area
    Prolonged service Area

Self-service Area

Customers can independently get various services, such as biometric photo for passport, cash withdrawal from ATM, remote payments, etc.

Prompt-service Area

In the Prompt Service Area customer can get all of those services, the duration of which do not exceed average 5 minutes. For instance, prepared passports, identity cards, documents legalized by apostille or legalization, registration decision, a certificate of real estate or business are given out here.

Prolonged service Area

In the Prolonged-service Area consumer can get those services, which require more than 5 minutes. These are the application for ID and passport, submission of documents for registration of property or business, obtaining the archive and biographical statements and applications for any other services.

Dividing the service hall according to the aforementioned principle minimizes the risk of long queues and waiting time; makes flow of people more organized and ordered. The informative navigation banners are additional advantage, which simplify the process of orientation and movement inside the building.

Mon - Fri: 09:00 AM - 6:00 PM Sat - Sun: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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What are you interested in? Discover something nice