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Convenient and quality farewell service

Taxi service – enables its users to hail a ride at a convenient price both with and without connecting to an operator. Ordering is also possible through the website and via our apps (on iOS and Android)

  • A practical way to hail a ride.
  • Finding free cars per the demand of the user.
  • Distance appropriate price.
  • In advance calculation of the fare.
  • Both cash and card payments accepted.
  • Detailed information about the driver and their car.

All cars are insured, passenger safety is guaranteed, while a modern communication system makes the rides faster and more convenient.

We offer:

In order to improve customer service, the taxi company always takes passengers’ feedback into account. In case of a complaint, the case will be discussed and the problem will be eliminated. is oriented on quality and safety.

Choosing a Payment Method

You can pay for your ride either in cash or with a card. Choose the desired payment method when hailing a ride.

If the ride is already in progress, you can still change the cash payment method with the card payment option. If you have the card payment method selected, but your card is blocked or the funds are insufficient, the payment method will automatically be changed to the cash payment option. You will receive an in-app notification about it.

2 reviews

  1. I love all the tourist activities.

    Very good

  2. over price taxi

    We came from Meidan Bazar going to our hotel Iveria Hotel, and the taxi charge us 50 GEL where in fact we only pay 15 GEL going their. This taxi driver have the nerve to argue when he know is charge more! Be careful with the taxi drivers in Georgia!!! Taxi Plate no. is VB-139-BV

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What are you interested in? Discover something nice