Tbilisi Dezerter Bazaar

Tbilisi Farmers Market

The Tbilisi Dezerter Bazaar fusion of Asian Bazaar and European food market styles. Here you will find a fresh Georgian vegetables and fruit, as well traditional cheese and fresh meat from village, also famous Georgian spices and wine. It is little bit chaotic, but very authentic market, visiting this place, will be kind of unique experience. Some point you will travel back in 90’s, but same time you will find modern part as well. So if you are searching for exotic and different experience here is Dezertir Bazaar and waiting for you.

Tbilisi’s Dezerter Bazaar is the biggest farmers market. It got its name in the 1920s after the deserting soldiers from the Russo-Georgian War sold their gear and weapons there.

The Dezerter Bazaar, which is located near the Station Square Metro, is one of the biggest bazaars in Tbilisi, Georgia. Odds are, the crowded and chaotic environment will leave you surprised and might make you miss the corner mini-market next to your apartment, but The Dezerter has its own advantages, which makes it special.

All fruits & vegetables are brought by local farmers, which are harvested in different regions of Georgia. Free from pesticides and GMOs, all the goods are fresh and well-flavored

Also Tbilisi’s Bazaar is a great place for street photographers + A guide to visiting the Dezerter Bazaar, the biggest and most vibrant Tbilisi market.

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Monday - Sunday: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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What are you interested in? Discover something nice