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MagtiCom is Georgian GSM operator, Where you can buy SIM card for Local and international Calls

MagtiCom, Ltd was set up on February 12, 1996 as an operator of mobile communications and commenced its commercial activities in September 1997.
MagtiCom is owned by the USA companies:
International Telcell Cellular LLC and Telcell Wireless LLC.
President of MagtiCom: David Lee.

  • On September 22, 1997 the first commercial call was made from MagtiCom network;
  • In 2001the first GPRS call was made as a result of the construction of the GPRS network;
  • In 2006, as a result of arranging the 3G network, the 3G services such as video call, mobile TV and high-speed internet were launched;
  • In January 2012 MagtiSat, the first operator of satellite broadcasting, was launched to provide the top-quality TV broadcasting to any place of the country;
  • In 2013 MagtiCom became the two-time winner of the consolidated tender for the cellular telecommunications service for the governmental structures.
  • In December 2013 MagtiCom started to offer 3 new movie channels of its own production dubbed in Georgian language: Magti Hit, Magti Kino and Chveni Magti which became the basis for MagtiCom’s becoming a broadcaster in parallel with its being a satellite operator.
  • On February 1, 2015 Magticom has launched 4G/LTE cell.

MagtiCom, represented by 5 brands on the communications market of Georgia – Magti, Bali, Bani, Magti Fix and Magti Sat – renders services to over 3 million subscribers who have chosen it as the guarantor of safe, liable and faultless communication.

Technological innovations, world-standard services and customer satisfaction are the invariable preferences of MagtiCom.
Charity and corporative social responsibility are the higher-priority trends among the paramount values of the Company.

“We Are making It For Georgia” is the slogan under which MagtiCom implemented hundreds of projects in support of Georgian culture, art and education.

MagtiCom, the biggest company operating in Georgia, is still unchallenged with respect to its unprecedented contribution to the economy of the country. According to the position of March 30, 2016, the Company has contributed more than one billion five hundred ten million (1.510.458.348) lari to the economy of Georgia.

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